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Multidisciplinary Planning Services

A-E services required for this $4,500,000 IDIQ contract included Multidisciplinary Planning Services, Engineering, Investigations and Environmental Studies that include tasks related to Civil Works Projects involving flood control, hurricane protection, basin-wide hydrologic modeling, evaluation of water distribution and wastewater facilities, navigation infrastructure, water quality management, HTRW, recreation, and other water resource problems as needed.


SOL's responsibilities include:

  • Provided embedded Program Management Support to the New Orleans District (MVN) for the major appropriations including General Investigations (GI), Construction General (CG) and MS River and Tributaries (MR&T) 

  • Supported Senior Program Analysts, Program Managers and the Branch Chief of PPPMD in the development, defense, and execution of the District's Programs. Support included budget development in OFA (Oracle Financial Analyzer), development of budgetary reports using OFA and CEFMS (Corps of Engineering Financial management System), tracking of obligations and expenditures, determining current resources and associated requirements, determining roles and responsibilities, calling teams meetings, setting agendas, issuing resolution, report writing, budgeting, scheduling and other project management duties 

  • Provided PM support to channel stabilization projects to include budget development for E-Action documents, updating/preparing the Dike and data book, development of other budgetary reports, revetment warehouse account analysis and associated project management duties

  • Assisted and provided recommendations the USACE New Orleans District and the Community-Based Mitigation Committee (CBMC) in continuing their efforts of implementing, executing and updating the Community Impact Plan for the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC) Lock Replacement Project in New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Coordinated with the CBMC and assuring that all positions of the committee are filled. The SOL Team served as facilitator for the CBMC in its proceedings, including the implementation and execution of the partnering agreement, needs assessment,public information strategy, mitigation plan recommendations and annual program review

  • Performed a Transportation Analysis for the Lake Sabine Study Area (Counties of Newton, Jasper, Orange, Hardin, Jefferson, Chambers, and Liberty) Texas Hurricane Evacuation Study Program. The purpose of the transportation analysis was to determine how many people and vehicles will be involved in evacuations, where they will go, what roads they will take and how long it will take for them to get to safety, beyond the risk area for different hurricane evacuation scenarios. The analysis included Evacuation Zone/GIS, Trip Generation, Road Network Capacity Development tasks, Trip Distribution/Trip Assignment and Development of Clearance Times and Transportation Model (TM) tasks

  • Provided program management and project scheduling to assist, advise, and support management and execution of the mission of Task Force Hope and direct support of the Protection and Restoration Office, including (but not limited to) specific detailed support to the Hurricane Storm Damage Risk Reduction System (HSDRRS) efforts for WBV Projects, LBV Projects, SELA and permanent canal closures and pump station        

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