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GSL Business Advisory 

This project consisted of providing tasks to support the research development and civil activities being executed by GSL both at Vicksburg, MS and remote field sites. SOL has performed technical reviews, computer modeling, report preparation, expert advice, and recommendations. Additional duties include preparing test sites, fabrication/installing test instruments, coordinates and conduct of major field investigation; theoretical studies;laboratory experimental work and computational modeling. 

SOL's responsibilities include:


Airfields and Pavements

  • Performed work on Airfield Arrestor System

  • Developed proposed "underbelly blast" test matrix

  • Analyzed and documented results of 59 IMD ""underbelly blast test"


Geotechnical Engineering and Geosciences Branch (GEGB)

  • Organized and verified dam inventory data

  • Used Geothermal Investigations to analyze data

  • Collected and analyzed water samples

  • Entered & organized Data Reduction and Soft Soil Analysis information

Impact and Explosion Effects Branch

  • Took measurements of shot effects

  • Developed proposed "underbelly blast" test matrix

  • Analyzed and documented results of 59 IMD "underbelly blasts tests"

Survivability Engineering Branch (SvEB)

  • Prepared site and assembled material for testing

  • Performed testing on rivets of 200 KIP loader

  • Worked on AutoCAD drawings for rebar mats

  • Entered SIA data for for two Army garrisons

  • Updated Redstone data for underwater inspections and routine bridge reports

  • Prepared test beds for future tests on SPEDX program at BBTS

  • Provided QC measurements and test results 

  • Conducted small-scale QA/QC validation cratering experiments for BPNM

  • Consolidated MPS components from trucks as they were delivered

Structural Mechanics Branch

  • Completed forms & back filling for concrete slabs for thin arch dam at Big Black River test site 

  • Prepared formwork for CIPR Powerhouse walls 

  • Redesigned placement of spillway gates

  • Worked on DFP Guard Tower to ensure parts worked properly

Mobility Systems Branch (MSB)

  • Conducted site preparation for military vehicle testing 

  • Monitored tire pressure and weight of test vehicles 

  • Installed and adjusted instrumentation for military test vehicles

  • Assisted with transport, site prep, and vehicle recovery

  • Performed site preparation for military explosive testing

  • Installed and adjusted instrumentation for explosive testing

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