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Transportation Engineering

SOL strives to develop transportation facilities that are safe, efficient, and cost effective through planning and design. Our transportation department strives to provide our clients with the best solutions to their design needs and maintain the highest standards using the most advanced software, applicable design standards, and sound engineering judgment.


Roadway/highway design and urban street design represent the core of our services. We take your roadway project from start to finish by establishing alignments, performing design calculations, developing construction plans, and conducting final cost estimates.

SOL offers the following benefits in teaming with us to complete your Transportation Engineering projects:

Design & Construction Administration

Highways & Interchanges | 

Rural & Urban Arterials | Streetscapes |  

Intersections & Roundabouts  |  Trails & Paths |

Collector Roadways & Local Streets |  

Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities  | Project Coordination | 

 | Acoustic Analysis & Noise Abatement | ADA Compliance | Cost Estimates & Contract Documents |

 | Highway Signing, Pavement Marking & Lighting | 

Traffic Control Device Design |

 | Work Zone Traffic Control Plans Design/Review |  



Roadway & Transit Planning | Multi-Modal Planning | Public Involvement |


Pavement Design | Environmental Compliance Permitting | Facility Improvement | 

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