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Industrial Engineering

SOL’s Industrial Engineers integrate human, information, material, monetary, and technological resources to produce optimal goods and services.  In essence, SOL’s Industrial Engineers use engineering and scientific principles to design, manufacture, or improve systems that involve both goods and services. SOL Engineering Industrial Engineers focus on how products are created, the quality of those products, and the cost of producing them.


Our Industrial Engineers also deal with the design and inner workings of the factories that produce products. They design the workstations, automation, and robotics for systems along the supply chain.  Additionally, SOL’s Industrial Engineers are concerned with employee safety and workplace environments. They balance the implementation of responsible processes with the other requirements of producing a product or providing high quality service.

SOL offers the following benefits in teaming with us to complete your Industrial Engineering projects:

Production, Distribution & Material Handling Manufacturing Systems |

Quality Assurance & Control  | Enterprise Resource Planning | Project Management Safety & Ergonomics |

Sustainment Management Systems |  Time Studies  | Facility Layout & Design  | Statistical Analysis |  

Lean Manufacturing | Six Sigma | Process Flow Documenting |

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