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The Digital Thread

SOL’s approach to Advanced Simulation and Analysis embraces the digital revolution that is transforming our world. This transformation has a basis in utilizing virtual replica  (Digital Twins) and data collection along the critical connections between these, critical processes and the actual physical asset (Digital Threads). Digital Data is threaded throughout the enterprise to optimize design, manufacturability, reliability, cost control, operations, logistics, continuous improvement and even sustainability from the outset.


Digital Twin and Digital Threads provides a platform from which high speed data analytics, incorporation of AI/ML tools and total systems knowledge can result in the high velocity development of new technologies and ideas. Digital Twin can bring solutions through an optimized manufacturing and delivery process and to the Customer in a transformative way…. necessary for global competitiveness.


Note the comprehensive reach that digital modeling of the product from cradle to grave provides…including Intelligent Thermal Management and on-going reliability assessment in the field for ultimate product support.


SOL is dedicated to the development of Digital Thread Technology.

Digital Thread.PNG
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