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High Performance Computing Modernization Program

The Department of Defense (DoD) High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) is a joint program that serves the Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) community of the DoD. It is a technology-led, innovation-focused program committed to extending high performance computing to address the DoD’s most significant challenges in the Science & Technology and Test & Evaluation (S&T and T&E) communities and in acquisition programs for new and modified defense systems in a timely fashion.  

SOL’s responsibilities include:


Specific Organizational Effectiveness

  • Identifying approaches and providing expert advice that could enhance and/or measure the progress of HPCMP’s tactical and strategic activities and tracking its strategic vision and mission goals

  • Establishing benchmarking opportunities for HPCMP leadership in on-going HPCMP activities and processes against best practices applied by world class R&D organizations in the broad spectrum of Program Development, Operations, Marketing and Business Development, Communications, and Community and Organizational Effectiveness

  • Identifying enrichment opportunities to enhance HPCMP assessment capabilities

  • Collecting, analyzing, preparing, and assessing data and developing reports to be used by the Government for strategic, operational, and tactical assessments

  • Providing consulting services through expert advice, discussions, and/or counseling with regard to HPCMP’s mission-oriented business functions

  • Providing skill enhancement training or knowledge as it relates to the various elements of the HPCMP areas of excellence and the organization’s strategic development


Research, Development, Test and Evaluation 

  • Performing HPCMP portfolio review and analysis and assessing the capabilities, need, niche technologies, and technical risk of the proposed technical research projects

  • Identifying emerging technologies, potential customers, technology transfer opportunities, and participate in the assessment of the individual HPCMP projects as to the competencies and direction of HPCMP technologies

  • Identifying new or emerging research areas for consideration by the HPCMP Senior Leadership in the development of the HPCMP technical program portfolio

  • Providing software development support for research and development activities in HPCMP technology areas

  • Providing cybersecurity analysis and expertise supporting oversight of HPCMP network and application security

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