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Advanced Manufacturing, Structures and Materials

SOL’s Advanced Manufacturing, Structures and Materials is an emerging technology initiative with capabilities that improve upon existing technologies while developing new solutions that utilize advanced concepts. SOL believes that global competitiveness is achievable by harnessing the power of new concepts and technologies to enable optimization or even a complete redesign of current solutions. It is in this way that SOL is dedicated to rethinking how products are designed, manufactured and delivered to the Customer. Cutting-edge material and process development allows SOL to meet current and future challenges in a disruptive way.

SOL offers the following capabilities to meet the needs of our Customers:

Conventional Heat Exchanger and Cooling Systems Manufacturing“Factory of the Future” Simulation Process Optimization for Global Competitiveness Advanced Simulation and Digital Tools for Process Development and Optimization Autonomous Merging of Additive and High Precision Conventional Strategies Rapid Manufacturing Response Capability Development Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Development and Optimization Nanotechnology Applications and Development Metamaterial Development Develop Methods to Manufacture Nano-scale Materials Embedded  Sensor Development Battery and Energy Storage Model-Based Optimization Protocol Structural Testing Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics Systems Performance Testing Digital Twin Digital Thread |


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