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Modeling and Simulation

SOL’s approach to Modeling and Simulation is what differentiates us in what we deliver to our customers. The next frontier of technical advancement is in simulation and visualization driven by data analytics on a global learning platform. This enables high speed virtual replication for optimized design, cost, quality, operations, logistics, the merging of new technologies and the compression of required  time to launch for any product or process.  SOL is dedicated to developing new solutions by improving existing technologies while at the same time, utilizing emerging concepts to meet current challenges in a new way. In particular, SOL is dedicated to rethinking about how product is designed, manufactured and delivered to our Customers in a globally competitive way. 

SOL supports and implements at least the following capabilities to meet the needs of our Customers:

Model-Based Developmental Protocol (CAD,CAE) Heat Transfer Predictive Analysis, Cooling Systems Development Structural Analysis (FEA) Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) Multi-Physics Simulation Dynamic Analysis, Factory Simulation Nano Technologies Application and Development New Approaches to Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting, Generation and Storage Optimization of Active, Passive and Hybrid Heat Transfer Systems Corrosion Topics New Developments in Virtual Structural Testing – Predictive Life Capability Test Specification  Development -Fatigue, Reliability and Life Predictions

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